"Learning means new habits and routines and you will have the supports in place to motivate you to take the journey and support others to do the same"

Behaviour Change

  • Our core curriculum provides a start-point for local designs and is responsive to the specific requirements of "people leadership" on each occasion
    • experience suggests each of the 8 topics will have application in most instances albeit with differing emphasis
    • topics or sub-topics can be de-activated if not deemed relevant so managers will view only what's relevant to them and their learning
  • Learning occurs as managers adapt prevailing practice and develop new habits
    • Managers can access program information, tips & techniques, peers and Mentors when they need to, wherever they are
    • Interactive Planners are an important feature and enable individuals to translate theory into daily practice and share accountability for their learning experience
  • Monitoring and evaluation is a key feature of any deployment:
    • includes scheduled examination of several lead indicators captured through our platform's reporting system
    • can extend to examination of linkages between these lead indicators and tangible gains in quality, employee engagement, and productivity
  • Engage Pro personalizes the whole experience and creates a user experience/interface that motivates managers to learn together
  • If that’s of interest to you, take a moment now to learn more about your on-line learning environment