"We enable managers to build a brand of leadership that makes sense to them and delivers superior results for their enterprise"

Guided Leadership Journeys

  • We understand that managers at all levels, from team leader to executive C-suite, play important "people leadership" roles
  • We also recognize that building consistency and cohesion in how managers lead is challenging for a variety of valid reasons:
    • personal strengths can be in other areas; be that technical know-how, business know-how or both
    • personal preferences can vary from manager to manager, and can be at odds to corporate expectations
    • personal practices can vary as many managers have been left to fend for themselves in the absence of clear set of leadership guidance
  • Over the past few decades, these challenges have become more noticeable or problematic:
    • the trend has been to devolve more leadership accountabilities and expectations to managers at all levels
    • employee and community expectations have increased as has their preparedness to agitate to have those expectations met
    • the well-being and engagement of the workforce now more than ever before relies on effective leadership
  • Engage Pro responds to these realities by giving managers personal access to a "best-of-breed" engagement system:
    • the system is a reference point for all development work managers need to undertake to improve themselves, to develop their collective leadership skills, and to refine leadership practices (all of which are important to behavioural change)
    • the system is based a well-articulated tenet of collaboration (so it makes much more sense and has much more impact than a collection of "best practice" frameworks based on distinct philosophies)
  • Engage Pro’s difference is that it can develop leadership capability of managers en-masse and that means establishing your own brand of enterprise leadership is now a genuine possibility
  • If that’s of interest to you, take a moment now to learn more about our leadership development philosophy